Parts of FM 1103 will be smoothed over after commuters’ cars damaged on rough roads, TXDOT says

It’s unclear when the roads will be smoothed over; drivers warned to be careful in the meantime

People living in Cibolo and Schertz said their cars are taking a blow from rough roads.

Construction on FM 1103 has come to a screeching halt. Now, drivers are saying the roads were left in worse condition, causing hub caps to fall and tires to be popped.

“I paid $1,000 two weeks ago, and the blackjack told me that it was because the roads up are tore up through here. I had to put a new front in parts of my truck,” one commuter said.

Other commuters said the roads are unsafe.

“It just needs to get fixed. Yeah, it could cause an accident,” Alejandro Cabdo said.

One Schertz resident was so frustrated by the bumpy roads that they made this art piece called the Pothole Grave. So far, it’s claimed 11 hubcaps.

The road construction began in November of last year and it was supposed to be a 44-month project.

The two-lane road is set to turn into a four-lane road with a center turn lane, sidewalks and bike lanes in each direction.

Mayor of Cibolo Mark Allen said underground utility lines are causing the holdup.

“They didn’t move their lines far enough out of the conflict. So we’re all at a standstill right now waiting for that utility company to, to move their lines out of conflict,” Allen said.

In an email, TXDOT told KSAT it’s working with a construction team to remove and replace asphalt in two areas for a smoother driving surface, but it’s unclear when that will happen.

For now, commuters have a warning to other drivers.

“Just take it easy and look out and be real careful,” one commuter said.

TXDOT released this statement to KSAT on the project:

“FM 1103 project team recognizes the impacts that the delay in construction has had on the surrounding area. The continued utility conflicts have led to limited activity in the work zone. These issues require the cooperation of multiple organizations. While strides have been made in addressing the issues, further work cannot be completed without project zone remediation completed by various third parties. As a plan to improve driving conditions, TxDOT is working with the construction team to remove 2 of the existing asphalt in specific areas and replace it to create a smoother driving surface. The timeline for this project is still tentative, but once it’s set more information will be provided. TxDOT will continue to provide project updates as available.”

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