VIDEO: Semitractor-trailer drives through floodwaters in Texas Panhandle

Highway 15 was closed due to flooding

BOOKER, Texas – A fire department in the Texas panhandle released a video of a semitractor-trailer driving through floodwaters.

The flooding is so severe that from the aerial shot, it doesn’t look like there is a highway there at all, only a flooded field.

The Booker Fire Department posted the video to Facebook Sunday with a caption saying “The highway department has now temporarily closed this section of the road.”

Portions of the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles saw a lot of rain over the weekend, according to the National Weather Service.

“Rounds of storms and a frontal boundary have helped to bring localized flooding to areas along the Red River. Unfortunately, all of that activity is being steered away from South Texas,” said KSAT Meteorologist Justin Horne. “We can thank our old friend the heat high for that.”

The U.S. Drought Monitor shows portions of the San Antonio area and the Texas Hill Country are in stages of exceptional and extreme drought.

For more localized weather reports from the San Antonio area check out the upcoming forecast from the KSAT Weather Authority.

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