Community members, leaders push for plans to address gun violence at town hall

The Bexar County Gun Safety Coalition held a town hall Thursday night with five community leaders to address the ongoing gun violence in San Antonio.

SAN ANTONIO – Bexar County Gun Safety Coalition Trustee Erika Salazar said she’s tired of just talking. She wants to see action addressing gun violence in San Antonio.

“We are seeing it absolutely every day,” Salazar said. “It’s a very, very sad and frightening situation and these are things that we really have to reflect on. But not only reflect, we have to act.”

Salazar was one of the coalition members who helped organize a town hall Thursday night.

The Bexar County Gun Safety Coalition works to reduce gun violence in Bexar County, and the goal of this town hall was to plan future gun safety in San Antonio.

The town hall featured five community leaders, including Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzalez.

“We’ve seen a proliferation of gun violence not only in Bexar County but throughout the country,” Gonzalez said.

Dozens of people packed Firefighters Hall to listen and ask questions. Salazar said she wanted an open conversation.

“No matter what your opinions or sides are, we want to see everyone collectively in order to brainstorm how can we get everyone together for unity,” Salazar said.

Gun accessibility and safety were top of mind during the discussion. Gonzalez said he wanted to walk away from the discussion understanding the community’s concerns and taking a step toward finding a solution.

“People point the guns at each other instead of talking it,” Gonzalez said. “While we may be talking about it, that’s not enough.”

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