Veterans and active older adults heal through the arts at local gallery

New exhibit at the Bihl Haus Arts showcases art from hundreds of active older adults and veterans

SAN ANTONIO – A local nonprofit that believes in the power of art and creativity to heal is changing the lives of people in San Antonio.

Bihl Haus Arts offers the Go! Arts program for active older adults and the Forward Arts program for veterans.

“The testimonials we get from them are great. We hear everything from, ‘my pain subsides, I don’t notice the pain, while I’m in class’ to ‘I have something to look forward to every week.’ Plus, they are building a community with each other and developing friendships,” said Jill Ewig, the director of education at Bihl Haus Arts.

The programs offer people opportunities for healing, wellness and community through engagement.

“It’s changed their life socially, mentally. As we know the epidemic that we have in America is the loneliness epidemic and through the arts, we are diffusing those processes that impact our lives, especially the active older population that we serve,” said Mycah Lee Arellano, the executive director of Bihl Haus Arts.

Helen Tiseth is part of the program and believes art has improved her life in different ways.

“I’m a disabled vet, but I have physical injuries and also PTSD, MST. So, it calms my mind down a lot. I actually learned to focus again,” Tiseth said.

Tiseth will be showcasing her art at the latest exhibit “Pearls of Wisdom.” The free exhibit at the Bihl Haus Arts gallery opens at 7 p.m. on Saturday at 2803 Fredericksburg Road.

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