Front & Center: US Air Force Honor Guard performs at JBSA-Lackland

‘There’s a sense of pride and representation that’s bigger than the name that you wear on your uniform, says Master Sgt. Antonio Lofton

SAN ANTONIO – The United States Air Force Honor Guard and Drill Team has a truly remarkable story of precision, discipline and honor.

The honor guard is a group of elite service members who capture hearts and minds as they showcase their unparalleled skills.

Every movement, every step is choreographed with meticulous attention to detail.

The honor guard and drill team members undergo rigorous training to master the synchronized drill routines that demonstrate the highest standards of excellence.

“Our main mission for our unit is tasking with doing funerals in Arlington National Cemetery, bury our nation’s fallen,” said Daniel Munson, a senior airman.

Whether it’s a funeral service for a veteran or a ceremonial event for dignitaries, the Air Force Honor Guard and Drill Team’s performances are a testament to their tireless dedication and unwavering respect for those who have served.

“What we’re doing out here is going out and trying to recruit, retain and inspire the American public, keep the people who are in the military in the military, and possibly get some people to join the military when our nation needs people to step up to the call of defending the nation,” said Master Sgt. Antonio Lofton with the Air Force.

Behind the precision and the discipline lies a deep sense of camaraderie and a shared commitment to service. These service members come from diverse backgrounds but share a common goal — to honor, remember and inspire.

“Out of the uniform, we like to have fun. We like to spend time with each other. We’ve been training for so long that we’re, you know, we’re best friends right outside of work,” said Munson.

Lofton said, “There’s a sense of pride and representation that’s bigger than the name that you wear on your uniform. We represent an entire nation, one of the strongest nations in the world, and there’s a lot that goes with that.”

Leading this group of highly skilled and exemplary men and women as flight chief is one of San Antonio’s very own.

“I graduated from Ronald Reagan High School in 2008. So, you know, I’m home right now. So it’s just an amazing feeling to be back at home,” said Lofton.

About the Authors:

Jonathan Cotto is a reporter for KSAT’s Good Morning San Antonio. He’s a bilingual award-winning news reporter and he joined KSAT in 2021. Before coming to San Antonio, Cotto was reporting along the U.S.-Mexico border in South Texas. He’s a veteran of the United States Navy.