Baptist Health System hosts blood drive challenge to encourage everyone to donate

The blood drive challenge takes place at all six BHS hospitals

Baptist Health System and the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center are partnering up for a blood drive challenge.

The “Baptist Healthcare Heroes Blood Drive Challenge” will begin Aug. 23 and will span across the six hospitals within the Baptist Health System.

If you do not work for Baptist, that is okay. You are still encouraged to donate as the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center is always in need of blood donations.

“We rely on donors. There’s no other way to get blood,” said Teresa Duran, Blood Bank Medical Director for Baptist Health System.

STB&T says right now, they have a two-day supply of all blood types. This is short of the six-day goal to adequately supply hospitals in our area.

Blood donations are used in all types of emergencies, like blood transfusions, surgeries, traumatic illnesses and more.

No matter what type of blood you are, STB&T and Baptist are in need of all types.

“We always want to be able to maintain our inventory levels so whoever comes in will have blood available to them,” Duran said.

According to the STB&T, you must meet these requirements in order to donate blood:

  • Be at least 16 years old (with parental consent).
  • Weigh no less than 120 pounds.
  • Be in good health.
  • Have a valid photo ID.

When you sign up to donate, you will have to go through a screening process which includes a questionnaire and a hemoglobin check. If you do not pass either one of these, you will not be able to donate.

The main event for the blood drive challenge will be on Aug. 23, but it will go until Aug. 26.

You can learn more about the event by visiting the BHS website.

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