KSAT viewers share photos of extremely rare super blue moon — the biggest, brightest of 2023

If you have a good photo or video of the super blue moon we’d love to see it!

Super blue moon. (KSAT Connect/Mike Jones)

SAN ANTONIO – KSAT viewers captured photos of a rare super blue moon — the biggest and brightest moon this year — overnight.

Images posted to KSAT Connect show the moon lighting up the South Central Texas sky as it reached perigee at 12:56 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 30.

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Perigee means it was at the point in its orbit when it was closest to Earth. And because it was closer, it appeared bigger and brighter — hence, the name supermoon. The moon won’t get any closer to us until November 2025.

What makes it a blue moon? There are two kinds of blue moons, according to NASA, and neither has anything to do with the actual color of the moon.

A seasonal blue moon refers to the third full moon in a season that has four full moons. A monthly blue moon is the second full moon within one calendar month. We see a blue moon about once every three years, on average, according to NASA.

The moon met both the seasonal and monthly blue moon definitions on Aug. 30.

We won’t have another super blue moon until 2037.

Check out some of the photos that KSAT viewers uploaded to KSAT Connect below. You can also check out some images from this month’s first full moon here.

den dog

8.31.23 blue supermoon timelapse about 20 minutes in 30 seconds

San Antonio
Mike Jones

Super Blue Moon with a tinge of clouds up top. 08-30-23

San Antonio
Carol in Bandera

Blue moon over Bandera

San Antonio
Abraham Castillo

Super moon at Woodlawn park shot by Abraham Castillo

San Antonio
Jacqueline Zumaya

Super Blue Moon

San Antonio
Peggy McCall

Super moon. Next showing 2037.

SkyWatcher (Oscar)

Tonight's blue supermoon.

San Antonio
Peggy McCall

Super moon shining through.


Beautiful moon

San Antonio
SkyWatcher (Oscar)

Tonight's, as of 10:40 PM CDT, 94.3% full waxing gibbous Moon. The full blue supermoon is on August 30th.

San Antonio
Taylor Mcclelland


San Antonio
Ronda Treybig

Blue Moon


My Papa sent me this picture of the Rare Blue Supermoon at the coast on the water!

San Antonio

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