Veterinary services considered the most dangerous job in Texas, report states

Ice manufacturing and construction machinery manufacturing also made the list

File photo: veterinarian

A new report found veterinary services to be the most dangerous job in Texas.

Personal injury lawyers at John Fitch in Ohio analyzed the number of non-fatal injuries in each industry per 200 million hours worked. That’s about 100,000 full-time workers at 50 weeks per year. And this is what they found for the top 3 most dangerous jobs:

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RankJobTotal Injuries (Per 100,000 full-time workers/year)
1Veterinary services19.5
2Ice manufacturing9.8
3Construction machinery manufacturing9.8
  • Veterinary Services: This might come as a surprise, but workers in this industry are injured at a rate of 19.5 per 200 million hours worked. Most of the reported injuries are from working with unpredictable animals. Their claws, sharp teeth or sheer strength are enough to cause injury.
  • Ice Manufacturing: Factory-based workers have to constantly be careful, especially when working in freezing temperatures. At a rate of 9.8 reported injuries, these workers face operating ice-related machinery with incredibly sharp tools.
  • Construction Machinery Manufacturing: At the same rate as ice manufacturing, workers handle heavy machinery used in construction like cranes, concrete mixers, and power shovels. Machines used in mining are also considered as construction machinery. The added risks of falling and hazardous materials also make construction dangerous. But apparently, not as much as working in a vet’s office.

The report was conducted by Journo Research on behalf of the law firm.

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