Dangerous teen trend: Getting high from chroming

Searches for ‘chroming’ spiked in May of this year

ORLANDO, FL (Ivanhoe Newswire) – You may have heard of sexting and cyberbullying, but what about chroming? Learn what it is and how you can protect your child from this dangerous online challenge.

Chroming is an online trend that involves intentionally inhaling chemicals or vapors to become intoxicated, and it’s dangerous. A 13-year-old in Australia died after taking part in a chroming challenge to sniff an aerosol deodorant.

Teens also reported inhaling fumes from nail polish remover, markers, spray paint bottles, air fresheners, and even gasoline. Inhaling these chemicals can cause long-term brain issues, heart attacks, seizures, coma, choking, suffocation, organ damage or even death.

Experts say parents should talk to their kids about chroming. Be open and non-judgmental, but educate them about the dangers involved. Set clear rules about risky behaviors, like chroming, and make sure your teen knows the consequences if they’re caught experimenting. If you think your child needs support, consider having them speak to a licensed therapist or substance abuse counselor.

Using inhalants isn’t new. “Huffing” has existed for years. However, recent chroming challenges on social media have caused a renewed interest in the dangerous practice. Searches for “chroming” spiked in May of this year, according to Google Trends.


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