Local art program transforms lives, gives older adults the opportunity to express themselves

More than 300 active older adults have participated in this program this year.

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio art program is transforming lives and giving active older adults the opportunity to express themselves and heal.

The Go Arts Program is helping Raquel Centeno who says she never misses class at the Bihl Haus Arts Gallery.

Painting has helped Centeno in many ways, including healing.

“My husband passed away and I needed to do something. I was kind of depressed and you know how things go when you lose a loved one,” Centeno said.

Centeno faces a new challenge today.

“I started forgetting things and I’m trying to hang out more to this,” Centeno said.

Centeno says the program is helping her.

“It makes me feel like I’m improving every day that I come here. That I’m doing better every day. I learn something,” Centeno said.

The classes are intimate and the instructors are local professional artists and teachers.

Juan Ramos has been teaching art for about 20 years and sees the impact this class is having on the students.

“They will bring photos of loved ones and I will show them how to do the paintings of loved ones and these portraits. It’s something they can share with their family. It’s just been rewarding,” Ramos said.

This year, more than 300 active older adults have participated in the program. It’s a place where they not only learn art but build friendships too.

For more information on the gallery, click here.

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