San Antonio Police Officers’ Association takes aim at district attorney in new ‘DA Chronicles’ videos

SAPOA has released two videos highlighting what they say are missteps by the District Attorney

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Police Officers’ Association is not holding back on the District Attorney’s Office, saying they are risking community and officer safety.

SAPOA has recently released two videos on social media they’re calling, “The DA Chronicles.”

“This isn’t a personal issue,” SAPOA president Danny Diaz said. “This is an issue about keeping this community safe.”

One video focuses on the criminal record of Jesse Garcia.

Garcia, in August, was arrested and charged after shooting three SAPD officers. At the time, Garcia was out on bond on four previous cases.

“The D.A. can deflect and say that he doesn’t control the bonds, he doesn’t control probation or anyone else, but how about you take responsibility for those deferred cases or dismissed cases,” Diaz said.

Diaz said the information in the videos is based on data and numbers from the DA’s office and he hopes the videos educate the community.

“They are going to be upset, if not mad at what facts they’re going to see because they’re his numbers,” Diaz said. “We’re not making things up. What we’re bringing is the facts. And if it’s written in stone and are his numbers, he can’t deflect them.”

Diaz said more videos can be expected in the coming weeks.

KSAT 12 reached out for an in-person interview with Gonzales about the videos but got a written statement.

The following is the statement from Gonzales:

A recent post by the San Antonio Police Officers’ Association (SAPOA) on the X social media platform is false and blatantly misleading. SAPOA is aware that under Texas law, a district attorney does not set bonds nor do they have legal authority to order the release of a defendant on bond.

However, I am particularly disappointed that SAPOA would publicly attempt to undermine cooperative efforts to improve public safety at a time when city and county leaders are making an unprecedented effort to work together to improve the local criminal justice system.

Ironically, SAPOA also raises their complaints at a time when the San Antonio Police Department’s own data indicates that violent crime (crimes against people) in San Antonio has gone down. (LINK

Law enforcement, the judiciary, and prosecutors are now working more closely than ever to make Bexar County even safer by building a stronger and more efficient system of justice. As part of these efforts, the Chief of Police and I meet regularly with each other and with other city and county leaders.

It would better serve the interests of local citizens for SAPOA to join other parties now working to improve public safety in our communities. I know I am not alone in hoping that they do so.

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