‘It can happen to anybody:’ Family on NW side searches for answers after packages stolen from their front porch

SAPD expects increase in porch pirate thefts ahead of the holidays.

SAN ANTONIO – Rafael Rodriguez said when he went to his physical therapy appointment on Monday, he didn’t expect to be gone from his house for more than an hour.

“It was so quick when everything happened,” Rodriguez said. “I just literally went there, came right back home and then that’s it.”

In only 15 minutes, security camera footage from Rodriguez’s front door shows two packages dropped off by a delivery driver were taken by a stranger.

“It can happen to anybody,” Rodriguez said. “It could have been someone’s medication that’s life-threatening, you know, they need that. So, we just got to put a stop to that.”

The San Antonio Police Department said the incident is far from the only instance of package thefts in the city, and porch pirates are only expected to become more active with the holidays around the corner. Camelia Juarez, a public information officer for the department, said SAPD is pushing a proactive approach this season to package thefts.

“It’s a crime of opportunity,” Juarez said. “There are people that are ready and willing to take that opportunity right now.”

Juarez recommended tracking packages, requiring signatures for delivery, using safe drop-off locations and asking a trusted neighbor to pick up your packages if you won’t be home.

If your packages are stolen, Juarez said it’s important to report it to SAPD.

“You may not get the package back, but it does kind of set up a pattern,” Juarez said. “It’s important to limit that opportunity for them to take something from you.”

The City of San Antonio has a list of ways to keep homes safe during the holiday season posted for residents.

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