KSAT Community to host phone bank for The Children’s Shelter

Call between 12-7 p.m. to make a donation

KSAT Community Phone Bank (KSAT , 2023)

SAN ANTONIO – There are many children in and around Bexar County who experience crises and traumas due to abuse and neglect which can sometimes require the need for a foster care environment to help provide safety and healing.

During these crucial times, The Children’s Shelter believes that no child should feel alone. Through their foster care program, The Children’s Shelter partners with individuals and families who can contribute to addressing the needs of these children and help them reach their fullest potential.

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However, Carrie Dyer, The Children’s Shelter Interim VP of Development, explained that there is a shortage in therapeutic foster homes in Bexar County and it’s posing a critical challenge in the community.

“Bexar County is currently facing a substantial shortage of therapeutic foster homes. Without an adequate number of these specialized homes, we risk losing valuable placements and, more importantly, failing to address the urgent demand for such care within our community,” Dyer said.

Right now, there are at least 60 foster children in need of placement with a fund shortage of $14-per-day for each child above what is supported by the state. KSAT Community will host a phone bank on December 6 to help connect The Children’s Shelter with interested foster care families or anyone who would like to help sponsor a child.

Representatives with The Children’s Shelter will be taking calls from noon to 7 p.m. to answer questions about their foster care program and assist with collecting financial contributions. All donations collected will stay in Bexar County and directly support The Children’s Shelter.

It takes a village of support to help provide children with what they need on their life journey. Your involvement as a foster family and generous donations will help children in our area have a safe and caring home to go to.

The Children’s Shelter helps to train applicants towards becoming a licensed foster family home. Representatives with The Children’s Shelter would like to answer any questions you may have about their many programs including about becoming a foster parent. Learn more by inquiring how to become a licensed foster care provider.

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Stephanie Leonard is the Special Events Coordinator for KSAT Community. She enjoys writing and producing video and digital content.