Hutto police cite rabbits as cause for ‘rampant crime sprees’ against Christmas lights

Cottontail rabbits are likely culprits for damaged Christmas lights

Cottontail rabbit. (Image by FoxTerrier from Pixabay)

HUTTO, Texas – The Hutto police department is warning residents about the likely culprit for damaged Christmas lights across the city: the cottontail rabbit.

In a public service announcement posted to the department’s Facebook page, police say that while the rabbits are usually timid, the bunnies “go on rampant crime sprees.”

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The damage caused by the rabbits can often “besmirch the reputation of local youth,” the post says.

Light strand decorations at or near ground level are prime for rabbits to chew through the wire, police said.

Commenters on the Facebook post poked fun with gifs and sly jokes; however, some said that the rabbits might misinterpret the strands of lights as potential food.

“Anyone with a house rabbit will tell you that rabbits absolutely love to chew on wires,” one comment said.

Another commenter urged the public to contact the House Rabbit Resource Network should they spot a rabbit that is not wild.

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