Developer to bring homes with personal vineyards, high-end hospitality to Fredericksburg

The development hopes to nab 150,000 yearly tourists coming to the Texas Wine Trail.

Ninety homes with personal vineyards are planned for the Puerta Del Lobo development in Fredericksburg. The vineyards will be managed by the on-site winery. (CB WINE TOURISM DEVELOPMENTS)

SAN ANTONIO – A new development plans to draw hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting Texas’ Wine Trail with a winery, luxury hospitality that could include a Michelin-starred chef and homes with their own personal vineyards.

CB Wine Tourism Developments, a Mexican firm specializing in wine-focused experiences, is in pre-development for a 220-acre project on Highway 290 between Fredericksburg and Johnson City called Puerta Del Lobo. The development, named for the winery owned by CB Wine, puts a luxury spin on the concept of “agrihoods,” or residential developments that integrate agriculture as a central focus within neighborhoods.

CB Wine CEO Luis Miguel Correa said the first of three phases of development will kick off once Gillespie County signs off on the project.

“The county is very open to it, they like what we’re doing there,” Correa said.

The development includes 90 luxury homes on 1.5-acre lots, each complete with its own vineyard.

He explained that the homes are aimed at wine enthusiasts who are interested in owning a vineyard, but do not want to manage large acreages. Residents will be required to join the homeowners association associated with the property, which commits their harvests to the winery to be used for wine making for a fixed price. That price? The cost of a homeowner’s HOA fees.

“Wine lovers always want to have a vineyard, but having it on a small property is something you cannot manage,” Correa said. “This is a win-win.”

Correa said reimbursement can even come in the form of a resident branding one of Puerta De Lobo’s wines for their own, but that would require obtaining their own operating licenses.

Being in the HOA also means the winery will maintain each property’s vineyard.

The winery is slated for the first phase of construction, alongside the residential development which will be broken up into “clusters.”

“We’re going to launch five clusters with eight lots this year,” Correa said. “We’ve already started pre-sale on two clusters.”

Completed lots, which are currently going for around $650,000, will increase by 6% increments upon the completion of each residential cluster.

“The last ones will go for around $1.1 million,” Correa said.

The developer is marketing the lots to custom homebuilders, and will also offer 4,500-square-foot spec homes with prices set around the $2.5 million mark.

Read the full the story and see more images of the development in the San Antonio Business Journal.

Editor’s note: This story was published through a partnership between KSAT and the San Antonio Business Journal.

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