Hundreds sign two opposing petitions over proposed county park on Northwest Side

The proposed park would use about 50 acres of land near Talley Road and Medio Drive.

Bexar County, TX – Brad Phipps said he’s lived off of Talley Road and Medio Drive on the Northwest Side all of his life.

“I’ve lived in this neighborhood since 1979,” Phipps said. “Many families out here have lived here for multiple generations now.”

He said his grandparents first moved to this part of Bexar County to live in the country, away from city development. Now, when he stands on the side of Medio Drive, it’s hard to hear the birds chirping over the sound of cars speeding down Talley Road.

“It’s not right,” Phipps said. “We do not want the homeless, and we do not want the crime that is going to go along with having a walking trail.”

That’s one of the reasons he’s opposed to the proposed county park located near this intersection.

In its budget, Bexar County allotted just under $3 million to start this park project. The county would use the 50 acres off Talley Road and Medio Drive for the park. Precinct 1 Commissioner Rebeca Clay-Flores said it would be the first in the northwest region of the county.

The commissioner was supposed to have two community input meetings with neighbors to discuss the proposal, but her office ended up postponing the second meeting.

At the first meeting, dozens of neighbors called on the commissioner to not put the park in the Hilltop Acres neighborhood. Phipps was among them.

“We didn’t find out about this until a week before the meeting at the elementary school,” Phipps said. “It’s very upsetting.”

Phipps was among nearly 400 people who signed an online petition calling against the project. However, nearly 250 people have signed another petition in favor of the project.

Ryan Haskins said he started the petition supporting the park.

“I have two children, and, you know, there are many residents here in the area with children that could benefit with a park,” Haskins said.

Haskins said adding a walking trail to the land off Talley Road would help grow a sense of community on the Northwest Side.

“I think it’s important to bring communities together, and I think a park would be a good first step to help bring the northwest Bexar County community together,” Haskins said. “A park helps provide opportunities for exercise, recreation, meeting neighbors. And I think if we have a centralized area, it helps bring a better sense of community.”

Ahead of the second meeting, which was scheduled for Thursday night, the commissioner’s office put a message out on the Nextdoor app, postponing the meeting.

“New dates for public meetings will be provided after the feasibility study is completed,” the message read in part. “We apologize for any inconvenience this postponement may cause and appreciate your understanding.”

The county is accepting feedback until March 15 through online submission. Click here to access that page.

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