San Antonio residents caught up in the celebration, chaos at Kansas City Super Bowl parade

The Sanchez family was able to escape unharmed but now want to make a difference in the shooting’s aftermath

SAN ANTONIO – The Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade was a rollercoaster of emotions for those in attendance.

Kansas City Police said a dispute is what led to a shooting that left one person dead and 22 others hurt. Two people are in custody, but police are still working on charges.

One San Antonio family who spoke to KSAT found themselves among the initial joy and the terror that followed.

“Lots of sirens going everywhere, and we couldn’t really tell where the sirens were going,” San Antonio resident Marianna Sanchez said. “There were people crying on the street. That’s where it started to hit: the magnitude of what just happened.”

Sanchez and her family made the trip from San Antonio to Kansas City for her 11-year-old son, Justin.

“Justin is up there. He has the sign ready to go!” Marianna Sanchez said in a video moments before the parade began.

Justin’s sign said it all: Tumor removed, traveled 800 miles, all in on the Chiefs. #DreamComeTrue.

“My husband and I had a conversation, like, ‘Hey, this has been a difficult year for Justin for our family. Let’s try and make this happen for him. Let’s try and bring a positive experience,’” Marianna Sanchez said.

The parade started just as the Sanchez family hoped.

“It was amazing. I was really excited!” Justin Sanchez said.

“Talk to me about being a Chiefs fan,” KSAT reporter John Paul Barajas asked Justin.

“I just, in fourth grade, chose a random team,” Justin Sanchez said.

“Seems like you chose the right one,” Barajas said.

“Yeah, I think I did,” Justin Sanchez said.

Justin Sanchez went from playing catch in the crowd to being pulled on stage in front of a sea of Kansas City Chiefs fans.

“I was going to look at the video he just took (while he was on stage), and I saw a flood of texts,” Marianna Sanchez said.

The family didn’t hear the gunfire over the music, but Marianna Sanchez said they were just a few blocks away.

“I’m OK,” Justin Sanchez said. “Just still processing about it. Just thinking about everything that happened.”

The Sanchez family said they want to be a part of the Kansas City healing process.

“We tried to donate blood this morning but lots of people are trying,” Marianna Sanchez said. “We’re going to try again tomorrow.”

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