Jury sees dramatic body cam footage of Balcones Heights officer being shot

Wilfredo Montemayor pleaded guilty and awaits punishment

SAN ANTONIO – Dramatic body-worn camera footage of the moments a Balcones Heights Officer was shot in 2021 was shown to a jury in the trial of the man who shot him.

On Tuesday, as the trial got underway, Wilfredo Montemayor pleaded guilty to attempted capital murder of a police officer.

The case then shifted to the punishment phase.

In court on Thursday, former Balcones Heights Officer Edgard Ortiz took the stand to talk about what happened as he got to the scene on Feb. 2, 2021.

He testified that Sgt. Joey Sepulveda was called to the Sol Apartments in the 6900 block of Interstate 10 to investigate after Montemayor and his brother Sijifredo Montemayor were seen burglarizing vehicles.

As Sepulveda approached their vehicle, Wilfredo Montemayor fired multiple shots and Sepulveda was hit several times including in the neck.

Ortiz said as he arrived, he fired a round at the brothers’ vehicle as they sped away and then rendered aid to Sepulveda.

His body camera footage showed blood coming from Sepulveda’s neck as he collapsed to the ground. Ortiz yelled for bystanders to help him get Sepulveda into a police unit.

The video continued as Ortiz drove Sepulveda a short distance to a hospital where Sepulveda was covered in blood but still conscious.

He survived his injuries after weeks in the hospital.

Sijifredo Montemayor was later arrested in Mexico and Wilfredo Montemayor was arrested a day after he was seen walking along Loop 410.

On Friday, the jury will decide Montemayor’s punishment. He faces 5 to 99 years or life in prison.

Sijifredo Montemayor who was also charged with attempted capital murder of a police officer is still awaiting his trial date.

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