San Antonio International Airport looking to add more nonstop flights

Roughly 10.7 million passengers passed through the airport in 2023

The San Antonio International Airport offers more than 40 nonstop destinations and officials say they are looking to add more routes. In May, the airport will begin offering the first nonstop flight to Europe.

“The economic benefit that you get from it is not only the direct benefit from the flight, but it’s who will come here. What will be invested in the future. What we will take to Europe. Its really a launching point for additional economic development for San Antonio and the region,” Tim O’Krongley, deputy aviation director for the City of San Antonio said.

O’Krongley explained why air connectivity is important for a community.

“The airport is a very large economic generator. With today’s mobile society, the way airports move people, and packaging, goods. It’s really a life hub of a community,” O’Krongley said.

O’Krongley said companies are looking for good connectivity routes and other infrastructure when selecting airports.

“They want to make sure we have good connectivity routes and that kind of opportunities, but also other infrastructure. Terminals represent the community. They are the first thing you see when you arrive and the last thing you see when you leave,” O’Krongley said.

The airport was recently awarded $30 million in grants from the Federal Aviation Administration for upgrades to Terminal A and for a new terminal, that will open in 2028.

The new terminal is a 17-gate facility and approximately 850,000 square feet.

“More opportunities for more airlines. Existing airlines to expand. We will have concession programs. Offer local jobs,” O’Krongley said.

Last year, about 10.7 million passengers passed through San Antonio International Airport.

“We broke passenger record, and we look forward to continuing that trend. So that’s why we are preparing the airport for the future based on those forecast demands and being able to serve our citizens,” O’Krongley said.

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