‘There has to be change now:’ Cyclists call for driver awareness, infrastructure changes after death in community

It’s been nearly two weeks since William Mize, 65, was hit and killed while he was biking near the Missions

SAN ANTONIO – Veronica Salas’ bike has barely any room left after she’s equipped it with safety gear.

“This is an extra light,” Salas said. “That way they can see me from further away.”

Although she’s been cycling in the city for over a decade, Salas said she’s scared. Just one week ago, William Mize, 65, was biking down South Presa when he was hit and killed by a driver. San Antonio cyclists, like Salas, say they’re heartbroken and now they’re calling for change.

“It makes you very paranoid to get out on your bike and know that this person was killed right here, and he never made it home,” Salas said. “It’s very scary.”

Jeff Moore said his biggest concern when biking throughout the city is driver attentiveness.

“Any time there’s a fatality, there’s, a shockwave that goes through the cycling community,” Moore said. “Distracted driving, excessive speeding, and driving while intoxicated are the things that threaten our lives and our safety.”

Salas said there needs to be change.

“The combination of all of those three put together is what is killing us off,” Salas said.

This week, Salas led a peaceful protest outside the Bexar County Courthouse to remember Beatrice Gonzalez. She was an avid cyclist who was hit and killed by a driver. Salas also led an awareness bike ride this week to show cyclists alternative routes near South Presa. She also held a candlelight vigil Friday night to honor those who lost their lives in these situations.

Salas said the city’s Bike Network Plan can’t come soon enough. To read more about that program, click here.

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