Watch: Chaotic liquor store robbery caught on camera in Australia

Police identified and arrested a suspect

AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY – Police in a Canberra suburb released a video of a chaotic liquor store robbery.

You can watch it in the video player at the top of this article.

The video shows a man showing a knife to a store clerk.

The clerk then runs away but trips and falls before getting up and running out of the store.

The robber steals the entire till from behind the counter as the clerk summons help outside. Then, two men enter the store and approach the robber. One of them arms himself with a snack stand and tries to fight off the robber. The video shows the man chasing the robber through the store with the stand, but then the robber is able to escape.

After all that, he left empty-handed.

Police later identified and arrested a suspect. He’s facing a handful of serious charges.

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