South Texas Blood & Tissue offers some first-time donors a chance to ‘get away’

Winners of the ‘Wanna Get Away’ giveaway could receive as much as a $1,000 Southwest Airlines gift card

South Texas Blood and Tissue Center in need of blood donations during holiday season

SAN ANTONIO – Spring Break is on the horizon, and South Texas Blood & Tissue is offering the opportunity for some to “get away” if they give away blood or platelets for the first time.

If first-time donors come to the center between now and March 16, they will qualify for the “Wanna Get Away” initiative, the blood center said in a news release Sunday. Winners of the giveaway could claim prizes that include a $1,000 Southwest Airlines gift and a $500 Airbnb gift card.

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If a person has donated blood before, there is still a chance of eligibility by becoming a first-time platelet donor.

There is a constant need for new blood donors with the number of first-time donors down 5%, the blood center said.

“We urge everyone who has never donated blood or platelets before to consider doing so this spring break,” South Texas Blood & Tissue chief medical officer Dr. Samantha Martinez said in a news release. “Your donation can make a significant difference in the lives of patients in our community who depend on these life-saving treatments.”

Anyone who would like to schedule an appointment to donate, click here or call 210-731-5990.

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