Red panda, monkeys, iguanas among 87 animals found packed in travelers’ luggage at Bangkok airport

Six people were arrested

Six people were arrested at the Bangkok International Airport after allegedly trying to smuggle 87 animals out of Thailand in their luggage.

Five men and one woman, all from India, were smuggling a small zoo, according to the Thai Customs Department.

In their luggage, they had one red panda, 29 lizards, 21 snakes, 15 birds, seven monitor lizards, four iguanas, two red-eyed squirrels, a pair of cotton-top tamarins, two bats, a rat, a fishing cat, a Sulawesi bear cuscus, and some frogs.

You can see a video of all of the recovered animals in the video player at the top of this article.

The animals were discovered by officers who found noticed some oddities when the luggage was X-rayed.

The suspects were booked on a flight to Mumbai.

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