‘I heard you’: Uvalde PD assistant chief offers support to Brett Cross’ protest

Cross began his sit in protest on March 13 after the latest Uvalde City Council meeting

UVALDE – The fallout from what some are calling an embarrassing independent investigation into the Uvalde Police Department continues.

Almost two weeks ago, investigator Jesse Prado cleared all officers of wrongdoing in their response to the shooting at Robb Elementary.

Last week, the city council asked for more time to assess the report, which sparked renewed outrage and inspired Brett Cross, guardian of Uziyah Garcia, to begin a sitout-style protest at the police department headquarters.

“We’re still out here. It doesn’t matter how bad it gets — how windy, how much rain, how much lightning — we’re still out here,” Cross said in a TikTok video.

Through the wind, rain, and cold temperatures, Cross kept his word.

Cross stayed outside the Uvalde Police Department headquarters to demand accountability for those responding to the May 24, 2022, shooting at Robb Elementary.

“I’m glad to be away, but you know, unfortunate that I didn’t get what I, you know, absolutely wanted,” Cross said about packing up his protest after six days.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, Cross laid out what he wanted in videos and posts. He called for three officers among the first to respond to Robb Elementary to resign or be fired.

“Next week will be two weeks since they got that report. What are you hoping comes of that next city council meeting?” KSAT Investigates reporter Leigh Waldman asked.

“I’m hoping that they do what’s right and actually, you know, disapprove that report so that we can actually make meaningful change,” Cross answered.

At this point, those officers — Lt. Javier Martinez, Sgt. Eduardo Canales and Detective Louis Landry — have not faced any disciplinary action.

UPD Assistant Chief Homer Delgado met with Cross daily during his protest and spoke with KSAT 12 News after we interviewed Cross outside.

“Mr. Cross, we support you 100%. Personally, I respect his resolve and what he decided to do. And I’ll tell him directly, ‘I heard you,’” Delgado said.

Delgado explained protocols need to be followed before any action can be taken against UPD officers.

“According to our policies that we follow, it all depends on what happens with the Prado investigation,” Delgado said.

The “Independent Investigative Report on the Robb Elementary Shooting” was met with anger from families of victims and survivors, as well as some city council members, because it called for all officers named to be exonerated.

Delgado shared he finds issues with the report as well.

“I can’t honestly say that I’m completely comfortable with it. There are some issues that I have concerns about — there are things that I would like to be straightened out, so if we do ever have an opportunity to discuss it, I would definitely ask some questions,” Delgado said.

Cross hopes that opportunity comes at the next Uvalde City Council meeting on March 26.

“We have to keep fighting,” Cross said.

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