Gas prices spike 15 cents a gallon overnight in San Antonio

Some drivers wonder if the Iran-Israel conflict is why

SAN ANTONIO – An overnight jump at the pump had drivers doing double-takes.

“Just yesterday, the gas was $2.94, and now it’s $3.39,” said Margaret Garcia.

Garcia’s cross-town errand just got more expensive, “It’s rough, she said.

San Antonio gas prices climbed 28 cents a gallon in the past month, according to AAA.

But it was the overnight 15-cent spike that caused sticker shock.

Some drivers wondered aloud if the Iran-Israel conflict was why.

“Not so much,” said Patrick De Haan, chief analyst with Gas Buddy.

De Haan said oil prices actually retreated after Iran’s largely unsuccessful attack.

“But keep your eye on the Middle East,” De Haan said. “It’s been a powder keg in the past for pushing oil up.”

Instead, De Haan attributes the reason rise to seasonal factors, primarily refineries wrapping up spring maintenance, and more demand as people hit the road during warmer weather.

That has the numbers on the pumps on a roll. One driver paid more than $135 to fuel his large pickup. Others, though, are making adjustments.

“I only put $25 in. I’m not going to fill it up,” said Amador Cuellar.

“It’s way up higher than I planned, so I have to adjust a few of my errands today to combat that,” said Chrysa Hefty.

De Haan said drivers can expect gas prices to continue to climb another dime or so through May, and ease up in June.

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