San Antonio mother shares culture by creating themed sensory kits for children

Items help with pretend play, help develop fine motor skills

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio mother has created a business with sensory kits that give children a space to be create and play.

Catherine Contreras-Sanchez had the idea of starting her business Fresh Masa, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As an autism mom, we spent so much time doing sensory things, like squishy Play-Doh. I thought let’s bring that to everybody,” Contreras-Sanchez said.

Contreras-Sanchez teamed up with her mother who is a special education teacher to create Play-Doh and sensory kits.

“Sensory items help a lot because it helps to develop and culture fine motor skills. It helps with pretend play,” Contreras-Sanchez said.

The colorful and unique kits are sold inside Painted Tree Boutiques, located at 522 Northwest Loop 410 and at different popups and online.

Through these kits for ages three and up, Contreras-Sanchez is sharing her culture and hopes it brings joy to other families.

“I feel like we have gotten away from some of the tradition we had as kids because everyone is so busy. Everyone is working to make money and pay rent and things like that. And my kids don’t have the opportunity to pull the stool up to the counter and make tortillas with their grandmother, things like that. I want them to keep that culture in their hearts. So one way to do that is play. Pretend play,” Contreras-Sanchez said.

For more information on the sensory kits, click here.

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