Manufacturers showcase latest products, innovations at trade show in San Antonio

The 23nd Annual South Central Texas Manufacturing Trade Show & Conference takes place on May 8 at the Freeman Expo Hall.

SAN ANTONIO – Automotive, cybersecurity, and aerospace manufacturers gathered at the Freeman Expo Hall on Wednesday for the 23rd Annual South Central Texas Manufacturing Trade Show and Conference.

“We have 1,100 folks showing up. We have 132 exhibitors here in the house. These are our regional manufacturers who are showing what they make and how they employ folks in great careers in manufacturing,” said Dan Yoxall, president and CEO of the San Antonio Manufacturers Association (SAMA).

The San Antonio Manufacturers Association, which has been around for 110 years in our region, hosted the event.

“Manufacturing has evolved over the years in our region, becoming more sophisticated, higher skilled jobs. The image of the old factory, dangerous place, that’s long gone,” Yoxall said.

One of the companies present at the event was JCB.

“JCB is a construction, equipment and agriculture equipment manufacturing company based and headquartered in the UK, but we have facilities all over the world,” said Steve Moses, senior procurement manager at JCB.

The company is expanding to San Antonio and bringing more job opportunities.

“At our new facility, we will need about one and a half thousand employees when it opens, and that’s everything from assembly workers, manufacturing, engineering,” Moses said.

City leaders said that JCB is expected to have an economic impact of $30 billion over 10 years.

“We are new to San Antonio and new to Texas, so we are here today to try and find as many local good quality manufacturing suppliers that can support our new facility when it opens in 2026,” Moses said.

The event also provided companies and local students a space to share their latest projects.

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