‘A devastating round’: Bexar County sheriff describes impact of weapon used in Windsor Hollow shooting

Sheriff Javier Salazar believes the weapon used was a Draco, a semi-automatic pistol

SAN ANTONIO – As the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office searches for the people responsible for killing a four-year-old girl and injuring her family, the sheriff described the weapon he said caused devastating damage.

Surveillance video shared by BCSO showed two men walking up to a home on Windsor Hollow Drive on Wednesday evening, spraying the front with bullets.

Gaping holes are still in the walls, and the hearts of the four-year-old girl killed inside.

“We just want to get these guys in custody again before they kill someone else’s little girl,” said Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar.

He said he hopes someone comes forward to help them figure out who the gunman are. He believes the weapon they used was a Draco — a semi-automatic pistol.

“That thing fires a devastating round, 7.62 round that tumbles almost as soon as it leaves the barrel of the, of the rifle or the pistol or weapon.”

To buy it legally, you have to be at least 21 years old and pass a background check like any other firearm.

Gun experts tell KSAT it’s a popular weapon because it’s like a “mini AK-47.” It uses the same rounds and has a shorter barrel length.

“In the hands of a law-abiding collector, OK,” said Salazar. “I can see where that’s not going to be a criminal instrument, but you put that in the hands of a bloodthirsty criminal that just wants to kill people, and it’s absolutely going to do that for them every time.”

“Is that a type of gun that you guys are seeing used more in crimes?” KSAT asked Salazar.

“We are, unfortunately,” Salazar replied.

The sheriff believes the suspects in the Windsor Hollow shooting “carefully selected those weapons because they knew they were going to afflict maximum injury, maximum death to the people on the receiving end of the bullets.”

KSAT asked San Antonio police if there’s a certain type of weapon used in crime scenes more frequently.

“Handguns are often the weapons used in shootings this year,” SAPD spokesperson Lt. Michelle Ramos said in an email to KSAT.

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