The US Census Bureau says San Antonio is fastest-growing city; can its real estate market handle the growth?

One nonprofit said it is most concerned with the amount of affordable housing citywide.

SAN ANTONIO – Rich Acosta said he’s concerned San Antonio’s population growth could eventually strain the real estate market.

“We need apartments, and we need more housing,” Acosta, the president of My City is My Home, said. “We need more housing accessibility, and we don’t have it.”

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau showed that 22,000 people moved to the Alamo City in 2023. That puts San Antonio back in the top spot for the country’s fastest-growing city. But questions are being raised about whether the city’s current housing market can handle the heat.

“I am very, very worried about our housing in San Antonio,” Acosta said.

So, where does San Antonio stand right now? Broker Associate David Anderson said it’s a seller’s market, which means more people are trying to buy homes than sell. Anderson said good options are out there, but buyers might have to expand their search.

“The market is leading towards positivity rather than negativity,” Anderson said. “They may not find it in the exact neighborhood that they want or the preferences that they want.”

However, real estate agents like Acosta said affordable housing for low-income families may take more work to find.

“We need to make sure that there’s enough housing for most vulnerable populations,” Acosta said.

Acosta said he thinks San Antonio leaders need to take several steps to help the city as it grows, specifically by increasing vouchers and promoting the online housing portal.

“They have the answers they need to act on them,” Acosta said.

To view the city’s housing finder, click here.

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