‘Very frustrating’: Local attorney speaks about expunged case still showing up in new county court system

Odyssey software plagued with problems since rollout last week

SAN ANTONIO – We’re learning more about the major software change within the Bexar County Judicial System that’s caused huge problems and issues with a human cost.

Ten days ago, Bexar County installed a new court management system called Odyssey to help simplify online records. Since then, former inmates, their families and attorneys say this change has been incredibly frustrating.

Defense Attorney Eric DeWalt is one of many who are frustrated with the new Odyssey system. His biggest complaint deals with a client who was once charged with sexual assault.

In January, the client was found not guilty. In February, a judge ordered the case to be expunged.

But, when the switch was made to Odyssey, not only did the case show up in the system, but it had a guilty verdict attached to it.

“Imagine how harmful it is to your reputation to say, ‘Hey, a jury of your peers found you not guilty, and it’s still showing what you’ve been charged with and, you know, misinformation,’” DeWalt said.

While the mistake on the verdict has been fixed to reflect not guilty, the record is still searchable despite the expungement.

DeWalt has talked to his client about the issue and would not comment on what their next steps would be regarding any potential lawsuit.

Meanwhile, the county continues to have employees working around the clock to fix the problem.

The Odyssey software was created by a company called Tyler Technologies out of Plano, Texas.

According to the company’s website, they provide software not just for the criminal justice system but also for health and human services, K-12 education and other public administrations like tax appraisals.

A Google search of the company shows problems and lawsuits filed against them in other states.

The Associated Press reports a lawsuit filed in 2021 alleged glitches in Odyssey that resulted in wrongful arrests, people being arrested multiple times on the same warrant and delayed release of others in custody.

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