‘This is unrealistic living’: Tenants at senior living facility battling continuous air conditioning issues

Tenants at Wheatley Park Senior Living say they’ve dealt with AC issues for two years

SAN ANTONIO – There is a demand for change and working air conditioning, but staying cool is challenging for those who live at Wheatley Park Senior Living.

“This is unrealistic living. It’s awful the way we are being treated,” said Rita Bethany, who lives at Wheatley Park. “We are retired. We worked just like everyone else.”

Tenants at the Wheatley Park Senior Living say they’ve dealt with AC issues for two years.

“94, 93,” said KSAT John Paul Barajas while looking at an infrared temperature gun. Rita Bethany added, “It had hit 95, that’s how hot it is over here,”

A KSAT crew walked through the building on Friday. The first floor felt like it had AC, but that changed when you went upstairs.

While using the temperature gun on the second-floor hallway, it read anywhere from 82 to 86 degrees. When we got to the third floor, it jumped up to 91 to 95 degrees. Many tenants are getting by with stand-alone fans, but others are stuck in the heat.

“Come on, I want you to come over here,” said Jacquelyn Jones Harrison as she used the temperature gun

“You can feel the heat, 97.2 (degrees). When you see how hot it is in your apartment, what goes through your head?” asked KSAT John Paul Barajas

“I’m just exhausted,” Jones Harrison said.

KSAT emailed Opportunity Home San Antonio about the air conditioning issues this afternoon.

A spokesperson told us that Wheatley Park Senior Living is a partnership property and referred us to the management company McCormack Baron and Salazar.

Opportunity Home emailed us again to clarify that it no longer owns or manages Wheatley Park.

KSAT emailed McCormack Baron and Salazar but has yet to hear back.

“We can die in any circumstances,” Otto Harrison said. “We have had seniors fall out on the front steps of this property because it got too hot.”

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