24 suspects allegedly affiliated with prison gang charged with drug and firearm trafficking, DOJ says

Officials say 22 of the 24 suspects are from San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO – The Department of Justice announced that 24 people allegedly linked to a prison gang were charged in San Antonio with alleged drug and firearm trafficking.

Officials said 19 of the alleged members of the gang, called Hermanos de Pistoleros, were taken into custody on Tuesday. Five of the suspects were already in state custody before Tuesday.

Seventeen of the 19 arrested on Tuesday and all five suspects detained before Tuesday are from San Antonio. The other two suspects are from Laredo and Hebbronville.

If convicted, the suspects’ time in prison could vary from 5 to 15 years or 20 years and up to life in prison.

The suspects’ charges include conspiracy to possess with the intention to sell methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine and firearms among other charges.

The 19 alleged members arrested on Tuesday are as follows:

  • Daniel Natividad aka “Danny Boy,” 50, of Hebbronville.
  • Brian Zepeda aka “Get Down,” 39, of San Antonio.
  • Roberto Ibarra aka “Bobby,” 44, of Laredo.
  • Mike Rayas Carrillo aka “Gordo,” 37, of San Antonio.
  • Jesus Mendoza Jr. aka “Chivo,” 50, of San Antonio.
  • Gilberto Garcia aka “Gibo,” 42, of San Antonio.
  • Ramon Lozoya aka “Bulldog,” 41, of San Antonio.
  • Maximo Flores Jr., 44, of San Antonio.
  • Miguel Zamora Rosas aka “Eight Ball,” 39, of San Antonio.
  • Paul Garcia aka “Baby Paul,” 38, of San Antonio.
  • Abraham Pagan aka “Shank,” 44, of San Antonio.
  • Mark Anthony Avila, 43, of San Antonio.
  • Rudy Hugo Lopez, 34, of San Antonio.
  • Robert Davalos Alvarado aka “Pork Chop,” 41, of San Antonio.
  • Raymond Medina aka “Crime”, 35, of San Antonio.
  • Roger Hilburn, 33, of San Antonio.
  • Armando Perales aka “Pitbull,” 54, of San Antonio.
  • Ruben Rivera, 36, of San Antonio.
  • JR Perales, 31, of San Antonio.

The following five alleged members were already in custody:

  • Antonio Rios, Jr. aka “Tone,” 33, of San Antonio.
  • Vidal Morales, Jr. aka “Moe,” 49, of San Antonio.
  • Ronald Mendoza aka “Ronnie,” 41, of San Antonio.
  • Carlos Bernal aka “Guero,” 46, of San Antonio.
  • Adrian Calvillo aka “Token,” 40, of San Antonio.

“Thank you to our federal, state, and local law enforcement partners, led by the FBI and DEA in this case, for their ongoing commitment to investigating these issues in our communities and for their continued commitment to reducing violence and firearm and drug crimes that plague our communities,” U.S. Attorney Jaime Esparza said in a news release. “Their professionalism, determination, and expertise help protect the safety of our citizens and allow our federal prosecutors to keep violent criminals out of our communities for years.”

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