Heads up! Single-use plastic bags are no longer allowed in blue recycling bins in San Antonio

Residents are asked to recycle their bags at retailers that offer that service

Single-use plastic bags are not longer allowed in blue recycling bins in San Antonio (KSAT 12 News)

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Solid Waste Management Department is no longer accepting single-use plastic bags in blue recycling bins, even bundled, to address issues caused by processing them.

The city said the bags thrown in the blue bin with other items become entangled, making them difficult to recycle. They can also stick to sorting equipment and cause machinery malfunctions.

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“The decision to stop accepting plastic bags in the blue recycling cart is not unique to San Antonio,” said Josephine Valencia, deputy director of the Solid Waste Management Department. “Of the nation’s 10 other largest cities, none of them are accepting plastic bags in the blue cart.”

Valencia said the change will affect 370,000 customers.

The city said the change does not affect plastic bags collected at retailer kiosks, as they are kept separate from other materials. The Solid Waste Management Department will update informational materials to reflect the new guidelines.

People who cannot recycle their bags at retailers can place them in their brown trash bin, a news release said.

Residents are encouraged to consider using reusable bags instead of single-use plastic.

For more information, visit the SA Recycles website.

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