WATCH: Deputy leaps onto runaway boat traveling at 40+ mph after its captain falls off

Pinellas County deputy ‘does his own stunts’

PINELLAS COUNTY, Florida – A Florida deputy pulled off a move that’s typically seen in action movies.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office in Florida said a deputy leaped onto a runaway vessel that was traveling at 41 miles per hour to bring it to a halt.

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PCSO said the incident happened on July 30, after the captain of the boat fell off.

The captain was saved by a bystander, but his boat continued on because he wasn’t wearing a kill switch lanyard, PCSO said.

As the boat drove on unmanned, the U.S. Coast Guard tried to stop the boat by deploying a prop-fouling device, but that did not work, PCSO said.

That’s when Deputy Fernandes and Deputy Constant with the office’s Marine and Environmental Lands Unit responded, and Constant drove up next to the boat.

Constant matched the boat’s speed of about 41 miles per hour, allowing Fernandes to jump aboard the boat and take control of it.

No one was injured “and yes Deputy Fernandes does his own stunts,” PCSO said.

Deputies used the incident as a reminder for boaters to wear their lanyards, in case their vessel decides to swim away.

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