2 more arrested in Alabama riverfront brawl that drew national attention

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Police in Alabama on Wednesday arrested two more boaters on misdemeanor assault charges in connection with a riverside brawl that drew national attention.

Major Saba Coleman of the Montgomery Police Department said the two men turned themselves in on Wednesday to be arrested. A total of three men are charged in connection with an attack on a riverboat captain and another dock worker that sparked a riverside brawl in Alabama's capital city. One man turned himself in earlier in the week.

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The melee, where sides broke down along racial lines, began Saturday evening when a moored pontoon boat blocked the Harriott II riverboat from docking in its designated space along the city’s riverfront.

The riverboat co-captain took another vessel to shore to attempt to move the pontoon boat and was attacked by several white people from the private boat, police said. Video showed him being punched and shoved. Crew members and others later confronted the pontoon boat party, and more fighting broke out.

The video showed people being shoved, punched and kicked, and a Black man hitting a white person with a chair. At least one person was knocked into the water.

The three white boaters are so far the only people charged. Police have said more charges are likely as they continue to review video footage of the fight.

Video of the brawl circulated on social media and put a national spotlight on Alabama's capital city.

“It was just absolutely unnecessary and uncalled for,” Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey said Wednesday of the violence that transpired.