Deadline approaches for Leon Valley councilwomen to respond to recall petition

Monica Alcocer and Donna Charles (KSAT)

LEON VALLEY, Texas – The clock is ticking for two city council leaders in Leon Valley, who now have five days to respond to a recall petition signed and certified by the city secretary.

A group of citizens gathered more than 1,500 signatures, asking to replace councilwomen Monica Alcocer and Donna Charles.

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During a Tuesday city council meeting, the city secretary said the group of citizens requesting the recall met the minimum of 500 signatures required for a recall to take place.

Alcocer and Charles can request a public hearing or resign.

Leon Valley residents have spent more than $122,000 on legal fees for the city’s recent legal troubles.

The city council requested a summary of the legal fees paid to date in the 3.12 hearing of former Councilman Benny Martinez, fees to defend the city in a lawsuit Martinez filed against it and attorney fees to review an ethical complaint that was filed against the mayor.

The legal turmoil started early in 2019 when several city staff members and a council member filed a laundry list of complaints against Martinez.

His seat was vacated, but the legal complaints and recall elections have followed since.

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