Runoff Election Results: San Antonio City Council

5 city council districts decided in an overtime election Saturday

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With all the votes counted, the following candidates have been declared winners in Districts 1, 2, 3, 5 and 9, respectively: Mario Bravo, Jalen McKee-Rodriguez, Phyllis Viagran, Teri Castillo and John Courage.

Read more about each race on our Vote 2021 page or below.

District 1

In District 1, challenger Mario Bravo defeated the three-term incumbent, Roberto Trevino.

With 100% of the vote counted, Bravo captured 54% of the vote compared to 46% for Trevino.

Tackling homelessness was the spotlight issue in the race.

Trevino said he was proud of the work his team has done addressing the issue. But Bravo said more needed to be done.

On Sunday, Trevino congratulated Bravo on his victory in a lengthy statement, which is shared below:

“Since my 2014 appointment, I have worked tirelessly for the communities in District 1. I have had the great pleasure of working with the neighborhoods and creating policies that have not only impacted my district, but San Antonio. The work that was done over the course of the past 6 and a half years has been nothing shy of remarkable. From the very beginning with the Under 1 Roof program, I knew that the need for housing and infrastructure support was immense. During my tenure on City Council, I have found and advocated as an ally for those who have felt left in the shadows in our society.

I have dedicated my time in office to ensure that District 1 was a place that was inclusive and empowered everyone to feel seen. Representation is important. I am proud to have worked with the LGBTQIA+ community, Undocumented residents, Arts and Culture, Small Businesses, Homeless community, and so many more. This last year was unforeseen. The impacts of this pandemic placed life changing strains on so many San Antonians. The hardships of this crisis were the effects of issues unresolved prior to the pandemic-- housing, job security, health disparities, digital access, financial stability-- none of these areas were created by this pandemic; they were just amplified. My entire office and I dedicated every hour of every day to responding to the needs of our community. We worked to find funding that was added into the Emergency Housing Assistance Program that would allow for folks affected to have a line of support to keep them housed and safe. We fought to cure rent payments, advocated for opportunities that supported renters and landlords, placed the call to action for utility companies to place a moratorium on shut offs at the beginning of the lockdown, included utility payment assistance as part of the Emergency Housing Assistance Program, submitted Council Consideration Requests that proposed the opportunity to allocate funds for Food and Beverage workers and developed a policy for Artists to be included in infrastructure design. I looked for innovative opportunities that would allow those left with growing financial burdens the option to use their skill sets to work or be provided relief until they could return to work. I am sad that my time on City Council is coming to a close; However, I leave this position proud of the efforts made to ensure a true social safety net was offered. I am proud of my team-- Jay, Justin, Jed, Christine, Sakeena, Tracy, Lawson, Denise, Sydell, and Jaime. We all gave our hearts to our community. Their dedication to helping others is a representation of the selfless spirits they each possess.

Thank you all. To the neighborhoods of District 1, thank you. Thank you for welcoming me into your homes; for including me in your celebrations and allowing me to be there for you in your times of struggle. I value each and every one of you. Although my presence in the community will look different, I will continue to be a friend and proud community partner for District 1. I extend my sincerest congratulations to my opponent, Mario Bravo. The responsibilities that come with this role are no small feat. I wish them the best of luck in their time as a City Council member. The work must continue and be a reflection of the needs for our community.”

District 2

The same trend played in District 2, where the challenger, Jalen McKee-Rodriguez, defeated the one-term incumbent, Jada Andrews-Sullivan.

With 100% of the vote counted, McKee-Rodriguez captured 63% of the vote compared to 37% for Andrews-Sullivan.

The victory was historic, as McKee-Rodriguez becomes the first openly gay man to be elected to San Antonio City Council.

“I think what we proved and what the community proved is that everyone deserves representation,” McKee-Rodriguez said.

Andrews-Sullivan, who won her only term in office in 2019, said, “We did our best for our community and we’re thankful for the opportunity.”

District 3

District 3 will once again be represented by a Viagran.

Phyllis Viagran secured 60% of the vote to beat Tomas Uresti. The once-crowded District 3 race came down to a runoff between two familiar South Side names.

Viagran also had more support during the May 1 election, but with 12 candidates, she was unable to secure more than 50% of the vote required to clinch the race.

Viagran is the sister of former District 3 councilwoman Rebecca Viagran, who reached her four-term limit. Tomas Uresti is a former Harlandale ISD school board trustee and state representative for District 118.

Uresti said he called and congratulated Viagran.

District 5

In District 5, Teri Castillo received 58% of the vote to beat run-off opponent Rudy Lopez.

Castillo had more than double the number of votes that Lopez received during the May 1 election but was well short of getting a majority of votes in the race that had 9 other candidates.

The District 5 seat was left vacant with Shirley Gonzales completing her fourth and final term in office.

Castillo is a substitute teacher and community organizer for housing affordability and health care. Lopez is a former civilian employee with the San Antonio Police Department who has served eight years in leadership of his homeowner’s association.

District 9

City Councilman John Courage has successfully defended his seat against challenger Patrick Von Dohlen in the race for City Council District 9.

Courage beat Von Dohlen with 54% of the vote, or 9,895 ballots cast. Von Dohlen earned 46% of the vote, or 8,476 ballots cast.

District 9 includes the northern part of the city — north of Loop 410 and straddling U.S. 281. It includes parts of Stone Oak but excludes Hollywood Park and Hill Country Village, which are suburbs not in San Antonio’s city limits.

Courage and Von Dohlen have competed for the seat two times already-- in 2017 when Courage won his first term in a runoff against Marco Barros, and then in 2019 when Courage won outright.

Von Dohlen said he made great memories campaigning for the last few months.

“We come in wondrous varieties. San Antonio is a melting pot,” Von Dohlen said. “So, the relationships we got and made and proved and enriched life. So it’s been incredible.”

Courage said he looks forward to the future and continuing to work with community members to address issues affecting the area.

“I was glad I was able to convince people in our district that I continue to work in their best interest,” Courage said. “I was very disappointed in the way my opponent was portraying me. I think that it was not accurate at all. It concerned me. I didn’t want people to believe that I was the kind of person he was portraying me to be.”

In a victory speech, Courage told members of the public that he had plans for several projects including a senior center that he wants to see completed during his next term.

Find out what the runoff candidates had to say regarding some of our KSAT viewers’ most frequently asked questions during the campaign here.

See a preview of each race, and a map of all council districts, below:

San Antonio City Council districts map (KSAT)

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