Texas family puts fire out in matching PJs after son sets lawn on fire with Christmas gift

Texas mom posts hilarious, relatable ‘warning’ on Facebook

“Christmas Day was memorable, to say the least,” Texas mom Nissa-Lynn Parson posted on Facebook.

That’s because her 12-year-old son set the lawn on fire with the magnifying glass he got for Christmas.

Parson said Cayden and his two brothers went outside their McKinney home to see if they could use the magnifying glass to burn holes in paper.

They succeeded. And then they also set the grass on fire.

The boys ran inside to tell their parents and the whole family ran outside in their matching Christmas pajamas to find the lawn burning and some of their Christmas decorations melting.

They turned the sprinklers on, grabbed buckets of water and used blankets to smother the fire before it could spread to their neighbor’s lawn.

“What a sight to see - a bunch of people running around crazy trying to put a front lawn fire out while wearing matching Christmas jammies,” Parson, who grew up in San Antonio, posted.

As soon as the flames were out, the family realized how funny the situation was. It’s the type of story that will be retold for many years to come.

“We’re (still) totally laughing about it,” Parson said.

And while Parson jokingly warned other parents in her Facebook post against giving a magnifying glass as a gift, the mom of five said Cayden got to keep his Christmas present.

“But he learned his lesson,” she said.

Mom shares hilarious Facebook post after son sets lawn on fire with Christmas gift. (KSAT)

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