Watch: Republicans gain ground all along the Texas-Mexico border by emphasizing border security

(Eddie Gaspar/The Texas Tribune, Eddie Gaspar/The Texas Tribune)

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In counties along the Texas-Mexico border, Republicans are looking to make inroads with voters by pushing the issue of border security.

Some voters are taking notice and switching their political allegiance, swayed by the GOP’s attentive ear to their concerns about migrants straining local resources and creating public safety hazards for residents.

But in these historically Democratic areas, others say Republican overtures won’t get far. These residents say they intend to stick with Democrats because the party’s immigration policies are more aligned with their vision for a humane approach to the migrant crisis at the border. They also often cited health care, education and gun safety measures as sources for their unchanged party affiliation.

The conflicting viewpoints show a political realignment in border areas that politicians and pundits are watching closely.

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