“I’ll still be sharing Lexi’s story”: Mother of Uvalde victim vows to remain politically engaged

(Evan L'Roy/The Texas Tribune, Evan L'Roy/The Texas Tribune)

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Kimberly Rubio, whose daughter Alexandria “Lexi” Rubio was one of the 19 students killed at Robb Elementary in May, normally helps out at the Uvalde Leader News during elections. This midterm election she split her time between volunteering at the local newspaper and supporting the county commissioner bid of Javier Cazares, whose 9-year-old daughter also died in the school shooting.

Rubio, along with other parents and family members of the students killed at Robb, had campaigned for Democrats down the ballot hoping that the wins would lead to more gun control laws in Texas.

However, Rubio didn’t place all of her hope for change on the outcome of the election that night.

“Change is coming,” she said. “Might not be tonight but change is coming. This isn’t the end. You will never stop hearing from me.”