Must know hacks before you pack

Packing hacks you need to know before your next summer trip

SAN ANTONIO – Are you traveling this summer? Elsa Fernandez of Eye Candy Boutique has the hacks you need to know before you start packing.

Summer Packing Tips:

  • Get a light luggage bag(Less than 10 pounds)
  • Take extra layers like jackets as carry on
  • Prevent toiletry leaks with Ziploc Bags
  • Use Ziploc Bags to maximize clothing space
  • Organize your outfits for each day before packing
  • Stick to two different color stories to make shoe selection easier
  • Use a straw to store necklaces
  • Use a pill box to organize earrings
  • Make lists on your phone using the Numbers App – Checklist Feature

Take a look at the Numbers App below.

File: Numbers App - Checklist Feature

File: Still of Numbers App


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