Traveling hacks: Tips to stay pain-free

Pack light, bring a neck pillow

SAN ANTONIO – Raise your hand if you agree the holiday season can be stressful when it comes to traveling.

Travel a long distance on the road or by airplane and your back, neck, legs or shoulders may experience some pain along the way.

Besides maintaining good posture and drinking plenty of water, here are some tips on how you can stay pain-free while traveling to see your loved ones.

1. Wear comfortable attire.

it’s true that women wear high heels, but men might be traveling for work and wearing something pinchy or less than ideal.

Traveling can be more enjoyable if you plan accordingly and have comfortable attire head-to-toe.

2. Try to pack light.

Packing light can be a difficult task.

If you love to bring your whole closet, try to downsize when you’re packing your bag.

Just in case you have to carry your bag, you don’t want to throw your back out.

3. Wheel your luggage.

Invest in luggage that has wheels on the bottom.

You will be saving your back, arms, legs... you name it.

4. Bring a neck pillow.

Have you ever seen those comfy neck pillows at the airport?

Airports sell them for a reason. They are insanely comfortable and relaxing.

If you have a long flight, do yourself a favor and save your neck with a pillow. Even if you bring your own, it’s better to be too prepared.

If you experience neck pain and want to see a physical therapist, Airrosti averages 3.2 visits per injury with nearly 90% of cases completely resolved.

For more exercises on how to stay pain-free when traveling, visit or call 855-789-0278.

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