12+ items, crafts, games to make your family camping trip easier

From dog bowls to pet hiking backpacks to games, crafts for the kids

Adeina Anderson, of Creative Lifestyles with Adeina, rounds up more than a dozen items, crafts and games that will make your camping trip with your whole family - even your fur babies - a lot easier and more fun. Article on salive.com.

SAN ANTONIO – Lifestyle expert Adeina Anderson, of Creative Lifestyles with Adeina, rounds up more than a dozen things that will make you, your kids and your pets happy campers this summer.

What to bring for the dogs:

  • Treats you know they like. They’re in unfamiliar territory; this will help them feel at home.
  • New toys that will keep them entertained.
  • Flea and tick spray, ear wipes, dog poop bags, puppy pads and wet towels to keep them cool.
  • Dog-friendly hiking backpack and weekender backpack to hold all the things they need to camp out.
  • The basics, like dog food and water bowls, bags for their food and a first aid kit.
  • Leash and collar. You don’t ever want to tie your dogs to a tree. Bring them with you when you leave the campsite so they’re safe from predators.

For the kids:

  • A pool floatie for each kid’s bed. They’re cheap, easy and kids can blow them up themselves.
  • Pencil box containing little things they can color. It costs $2 to $3 to put together.
  • Make bean bags out of felt, hot glue and dry beans. Bring a shoebox so they can throw them in. It’s cheap and easy.

For you:

  • Pack your patience. Kids and pets can take it out of you, but with a little patience and the right planning, you’ll have a great trip!


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