San Antonio’s Paulina Chávez to co-star in Lifetime holiday movie

Chávez co-stars with Mario Lopez in “Feliz Navi-DAD”

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio native Paulina Chávez is making her mark in Los Angeles, but her roots are on the southside of the Alamo City. It could very well be the drama program at Sky Harbour Elementary that helped launch her career.

“I live in the southside of San Antonio and I am proud,” Paulina Chávez said. “My parents drove me to Dallas to take classes every week...Mr. Dickerson (theatre teacher at Sky Harbour Elementary) who has this amazing program--I am grateful for that.”

Her final episode of “Ashley Garcia: Genuis in Love” airs December 9th on Netflix..

“It’s a Christmas episode. We got to hang out with the audience and sing a little,” she hinted.

This weekend her new Lifetime movie, “Feliz Navi-DAD” premieres. Chávez co-stars with Mario Lopez and another San Antonio-native, Mary Carmen Lopez.

“Mario Lopez is a sweetheart because he really is,” Chávez said. “He’s just so fun to be around.”

The movie is rare in that it centers around a Latino family.

“It’s a Christmas movie with a Latino family and there’s a scene where we’re making tamales,” Chávez said. “I’ve never seen a Christmas movie that has a latino family and shares their traditions.”

Chávez also shares her admiration for Mary Carmen Lopez.

“She’s the type of person that tells you how it is and I love that,” Chávez said.

One thing is for sure, she is not stopping with this Lifetime movie, she tells us her plans are to continue with auditions and landing more acting roles.

“Seeing me from San Antonio, from Sky Harbour elementary, anything is possible,” Chávez said. “You just got to set your mind to it, work hard and surround yourself with people who are going to support you and really take you there.”

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