Learn how a drought impacts a home’s foundation, plus some signs to look for

Dry weather causes soil to dry -- and shrink your home’s foundation, experts say

The temperature is rising and it’s not just bad for your air conditioning bill; it could be bad for your home, as well.

Will Chaney with Baird Foundation Repair explained some common problems with homes during weather changes, and told us what you can do to protect against it.

How does the weather in South Texas affect your foundation?

“Weather plays a huge part in the condition of your home’s foundation,” Chaney said. “Think about when we experience heavy rainstorms that cause flooding. All that rainwater seeps into the soil around your home. In some cases, this can cause the soil to wash away around or even under your home. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have severe droughts in South Texas the majority of the year (and we’re in one right now!) which also causes problems. This dry weather causes soil to dry and shrink, which, again, impacts your home’s foundation.”

Takeaway: Dry weather causes soil to dry and shrink, which impacts your home’s foundation.

We’ve discussed how weather affects the soils around your home, but how does all that affect a home’s foundation?

“In general, it’s easy to see how drought impacts your landscaping and yard, but it’s much harder to see the actual effects on your foundation,” Chaney said. “Regardless of super wet or super dry, when soil washes out, this leaves voids – or spaces – under your home. The weight of your home will then cause it to sink into these voids, which can lead to settling and cracks in your foundation. Other signs you might also find include sticking doors or windows, uneven floors, gaps in your floor or ceiling where it meets the wall, or even the chimney separating from the rest of the home.”

Takeaway: Looks for noticeable sticking doors or windows, uneven floors, gaps in your floor or ceiling or the chimney separating from the rest of the home.

Are there any ways homeowners can protect their foundation?

“While you can’t stop the rain or drought from happening, there are some protective measures you can take,” Chaney said.

Tips include the following:

  • Guard against pooling water around your home’s foundation.
  • Proper drainage and grating, plus if you don’t already have them, consider installing gutters. All these things will ensure water isn’t collecting near your house.
  • Plant trees or shrubs away from your foundation as they compete for the water during our dry periods and can cause lots of problems as they grow. Tree roots can wreck a foundation if they are too close to the house.
  • And as strange as it may sound, watering your foundation can also help during our Texas summers – just make sure water doesn’t start to pool.

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