Chris Pérez shares more about his new record label, Blue Mariachi Productions

Pérez signs his first artist, Tejano hip hop artist Carlton Zeus

SAN ANTONIO – Grammy award-winning Tejano guitarist Chris Pérez is launching his new record label, Blue Mariachi Productions. The musician and widower of late Tejano star Selena is starting a new chapter to launch more artists in the South Texas music scene.

“Basically we are going to do a lot of work in the music side of things because that’s my passion, my love, but we also have things coming down the pipeline that have to do with the film, video and pre-production, and stuff like that,” Pérez said.

Peréz plans to sign six artists and he started with Carlton Zeus, known for his eclectic vibe and his Tejano hip-hop.

“I’m excited to have Zeus,” Pérez said. “He’s such a talented, crazy individual artist - he does a lot of things.”

Known as “Carlton Zeus, El Mero Necio” on his platforms, Zeus tells us he is excited to team up with Perez.

“I was that kid that grew up falling asleep on the metal chairs at the quinceaneras, so I have all these classics burned in my head,” Zeus said. “We spent a lot of late nights hanging out and everything I told him he’s like ‘let’s do it.”

For more on Blue Mariachi Productions, click here. To learn more about Zeus, click here.

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