What you can do to promote healthy eating habits for children

Understanding the components of a healthy meal can help provide children with the energy they need.

As the only locally owned and operated health system in San Antonio and Bexar County, University Health is working to serve the health needs of our community today and into the future.

One of the ways of doing that is by ensuring children are eating healthy. Dr. Vidhya Illuri, Endocrinologist at University Health, says it’s important to establish healthy eating for children.

“Kids are growing, right? Their brains are developing, their organs are developing, and they need sustained energy to grow and do all the things they need to do. It’s also important to learn healthy eating habits at a young age so you can continue those healthy eating habits when you’re an adult, and you have to make those decisions for yourself,” Illuri said.

As kids are back in school, knowing the components of a healthy lunch can help children sustain that energy. Illuri says you want your children’s lunch to have whole grains, fruit, veggies, a protein source, and healthy fats.

Some examples of this can be a hummus wrap, roasted chickpeas, and even dark chocolate-covered almonds to satisfy the sweet tooth.

If you have trouble getting your picky eater to consume more fruits and vegetables, Illuri says there are ways to help. The key is offering fruits and veggies and having them present at every meal. Another way is to put veggies into smoothies and sauces.

The pediatric dietitians at University Health work with your child’s entire care team to ensure your child gets the nutrition they need to grow up strong. Whether your child was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes or is preparing for a transplant, our dietitians have the expertise to offer advice and education to your care team and family.

To learn more about University Health, you can visit their website at universityhealthsystem.com.

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