Have an ex this Valentine’s Day? Dedicate a cockroach to be fed to an SA Zoo animal in their name!

The San Antonio Zoo’s ‘Cry Me a Cockroach’ fundraiser raises money for zoo conservation efforts

Valentine’s Day is typically a time when you show your appreciation to those you love. But, if you’ve had some unpleasant people in your life — may be an ex, boss, or coworker — there’s a way to get some lighthearted revenge.

The “Cry Me a Cockroach Fundraiser” is back at the San Antonio Zoo. The event, which raises money for zoo conservation efforts, allows donors to name a cockroach in someone’s or something’s honor.

Then, the cockroach will be fed to an animal at the zoo, according to Cyle Perez, director of public relations at the San Antonio Zoo.

Cockroaches aren’t the only items donors can purchase. Rodents and veggies can also be dedicated and fed to an animal at the zoo.

Perez says donors will receive a Valentine’s Day card and a video of their selection being fed to an animal at the zoo to share on social media.

Or, if you are feeling extra vengeful, donors can also choose to send a Valentine’s Day card to their not-so-special-someone to let them know they have been named after a roach, rodent, or veggie.

Donations range from $5 to $25, Perez said.

To dedicate a cockroach or other treats, you can visit the San Antonio Zoo’s website.

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