Local foundation has raised more than $7 million in scholarship funds for San Antonio students

Rey Feo Foundation, established in 1947, has given to more than 3,000 students

Fiesta is almost here, and one of the many traditions of the event is the Rey Feo court.

Based on the Spanish legend, the Rey Feo Scholarship Foundation was established as a nonprofit in 1947. Since then, the foundation has raised more than $7 million for scholarships and given to more than 3,000 students, with 100 students currently receiving $2,000 for books and tuition.

Two individuals are selected bi-annually by the foundation to hold the prestigious title of Rey Feo and the Consejo de Rey Feos Anteriores to raise scholarship funds.

Rey Feo is not the only prestigious title awarded by the foundation. La Reina Linda and La Reina are other positions held on the court.

This year’s La Reina Linda is Natalie Gamez, president and owner of the Gamez Group.

Gamez said as La Reina Linda, she will attend more than 100 events during Fiesta, raising money for scholarships and visiting schools to encourage students to apply for them.

While this year’s scholarship is closed, anyone can still donate for next year’s scholarship. For more information on the Rey Feo Scholarship, click or tap here.