3 minor changes you can make to avoid a sedentary lifestyle

Take walks during lunch break, takes the stairs

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Are you exercising each day?

It's easy to get caught up with daily routines where we sit at a desk all day and drive long distances.

"Because of our lifestyle, we sit all day long, drive in a car and sit at a desk," said Jason Garrett, vice president of clinical development at Airrosti. "We've lost a lot of that connective tissue strength and muscle strength." 

By living a sedentary lifestyle, you can increase your risk for early death, developing a type of cancer, becoming obese and having cardiovascular disease. 

Here are some suggestions to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

Walk to work

If you live close enough to work, try to walk to work if the weather is suitable. By avoiding the stress of driving in traffic, this can also help your mental health and help you save money on gas.

Walk during your lunch break

Instead of going out to lunch each day, find some time in your work week to walk outside for a quick power walk. Need some motivation? Bring your favorite music on your phone. 

Take the stairs instead of an elevator

Elevators can help you save time, but you don't get any exercise from them. Instead of avoiding stairs like the plague, push yourself to use stairs versus an elevator. It'll be worth the pain!

If being more physically active causes you problems, Airrosti can help.

Airrosti physical therapists average 3.2 visits per injury with nearly 90% of cases completely resolved.

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